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Brosteak ® Gas

Smartgrill Gastronorm
Brosteak ® is the result of the inspiration and research of Italian professionals and artisans, joined together by their passion focused on the protection and enhancement of food traditions. It was born from an idea of Alessandro Cuomo, owner of "Stagionello® Store", a long-time entrepreneur and inventor, specialized in the design and construction of customized systems, equipment and devices for the seasoning, conservation and processing of meat and fish, such as Stagionello ®, Maturmeat ® and Pesciugatore®, together with the designer Alberto Costa Pisani, project manager of the traditional cooking line, commissioned by "Quattroulzi srl" The synergy between the two national companies has meant that the entire supply chain, from the design phase to the construction of the components, up to the assembly of each single element, generated the pride and joy of a totally Made in Italy product. In the Silvano d’Orba (AL) headquarters, 25 artisans are employed in a 9500 square meters factory. "Quattroulzi" is now run by the third generation of the Ulzi family. Together with Antonio and Pinuccio Ulzi, another professional involved in the cooking project of the "Smartgrills" is their partner Marco Parodi.
Brosteak ® is a gas-powered Gastronorm Smartgrill, totally Made in Italy, designed, built and assembled by expert craftsmen. My biggest advantage is the heat source placed at the top which eliminates almost all the combustion smoke generated by fats, in fact, 90% of it is "white smoke", i.e. water vapor. Cooking from above emphasizes the “Maillard reaction”, thanks to the interaction of sugars and proteins exposed to my heat source. I capture the dissolved fats in the collection trays placed on the base with the water inside them, avoiding the inconvenience of releasing the smoke of traditional grills with a heat source from below.
I have 8 cooking and storage functions.
• I give my best in express cooking.
• I immediately reach the temperature of 200 ° C of pre-heating and sterilization of the grids and the chamber, to reach the peak of 450 ° C in just 3 'minutes.
• Governance and control of the cooking chamber temperatures in 3 different zones horizontally and 6 levels vertically.
• I speed up cooking, on average by 30% compared to canonical times, without stressing the food and preserving all the nutritional and organoleptic properties in the best possible way.
• The high temperature, reaching 450 ° C, together with the innovative fumes expulsion system, facilitates the controlled upward release of the vapors, making it possible to have different types of dishes, both animal and vegetable, in the room, such as meats, fish, molluscs, crustaceans, vegetables, eggs, cheeses, sweet or savory pies etc… without any alteration between the different foods, both in taste and smell.
• I am extremely economical in consumption.
• I’m entirely built in AISI 304 stainless steel, have broadsides, grids and Gastronorm trays, which are easily removable to be washed in the dishwasher.
• I offer optional accessories, such as skewers, containment grids, bain-marie trays and customizable hot stamps for branding steaks, bread and whatever you like.
• I am beautiful, I have a vintage and refined design, small dimensions and an ergonomics designed ad hoc for the best adaptation to the combination of man-machine-work environment, which make me particularly suitable for kitchen projects and cooking workshops that include the show cooking.

Brosteak ® is a Smartgrill dedicated to high quality catering in all its forms, which prefers traditional cooking, in fact it allows you to perform numerous cooking techniques, single and in combination, always offering the employee excellent gratifications. It goes without saying that, depending on the experience, the choices and the creativity of the operator, the concomitance of two or more cooking techniques, combined with modifiable parameters such as times, temperatures and grid height, it leads to multiplying its effects and diversifying the outcomes, , making out of the whole of the variables varied personalized recipe book. To give an idea of the capabilities of Brosteak ®, nothing is clearer and more comprehensive than the numbers: 15 'minutes to cook 12 kg of meat. 10 'minutes to cook 40 fish steaks.


Classic cooking method, consisting in placing a direct heat food on the Gastronorm grill, in this case deriving from the infrared gas ceramic burners, placed at the top. Usually dry cooking, extremely natural and of ancient origins, particularly suitable for meat, fish, molluscs, crustaceans and vegetables. The Maillard reaction obtained is extraordinary.


The fry top is a Gastronorm plate, smooth and / or ribbed, without holes or slits, used to cook food such as meat, fish, shellfish, crustaceans and vegetables at high temperatures. Cooking on the fry top is "in contact", placing the food on the plate even without using oil. The Maillard reaction obtained is extraordinary.


For a lighter fried food, you can place the dish on a Gastronorm pan and sprinkle it with a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil or seed oil. The ideal temperature to set on Brosteak ® is about 180 ° C. Cooking time, depending on the nature of the food, thickness and weight, varies between 8 and 12 minutes.


For a traditional roast, simply place the food in a Gastronorm pan in the Brosteak®, obtaining cooking by overheating the fats, without adding water, exposing it to a strong source of diffused heat, which seals the outside while keeping it soft inside.


The jars, placed in a semi-immersed pan in water, should be introduced into the Brosteak®, using the indirect heat. Suitable for cooking delicate dishes in pots that must not reach the boiling point (for example flan, flans or soufflés). In total immersion and with prolonged boiling of the food, the jars are sterilized, a useful method to ensure the safety and correct conservation of the product.


The food is cooked through the recirculation of heat, at a constant temperature and in a range between 70 ° C and 120 ° C, without dispersion of juices, humors and nutrients. Brosteak® guarantees the fundamental management and stability of the temperature.


Thanks to the controlled management of temperatures, with Brosteak® it is possible to dry both vegetable foods, such as fruit, vegetables, vegetables, mushrooms and herbs, and animals, such as meat and fish. Eliminating liquids, subjecting them to a source of heat and solving the problem of the development of mold and bacteria.


It is not really a cooking technique, but a method to restore the original characteristics of a precooked, preserved or frozen food. It is also a strong help in the kitchen for the optimal completion of cooking previously carried out with combi ovens. At any time, Brosteak® can increase the heat of the dish to the ideal serving temperature. The process is not immediate, it must be carried out gradually, in compliance with the hygiene / sanitary regulations.